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Author: Juicy Rainbow   Date Posted:3 June 2016 

Grab-a-cuppa... And some cake.... This has turned into an epic post so big it’s getting it’s own Blog Post! With the release of Donutellas Sweet Shop coming up we’re getting lots of emails so we thought it was time for a Juicy Update!

Print Placement

Your print placement requests have always been welcome and we will always do our very best to select your PPP when packing your order.  The day to day running of Juicy Rainbow is the work of one SAHM and a small team of IT guys for the technical stuff. We’d love to have the man power (or woman power) to take photos of hundreds of tokidoki items but that’s just not an option for us. Fingers crossed our business can expand to a point where we can employ a photographer for such tasks but it’s not on the cards for any time soon. Please leave your print placement requests on your order during checkout rather than emailing them. Photos can be taken on an individual basis 'after' release, just shoot us an email and we'll be happy to help!

Coin Purses

YES we have coin purses for each new release Ju-Ju-Be print and we tend to gift them to the larger orders over the release period. We also have other GWP that we randomly pop into parcels at other times.

Combining Orders

If you would like to make more orders we can combine them for you and we have always refunded any excess postage. While our system tags multiple orders from the same customer we still ask you to leave us a note on your 2nd order with a reminder to combine it with your 1st Please note that if we’ve already packed your 1st order we won’t be able to combine them.


On request from Ju-Ju-Be retailers are unable to take pre-orders for new releases.  It would make things easier on our end particularly knowing how much stock to order in, but having a worldwide release date and time gives everyone a fair opportunity to make a purchase. 

Stock Levels

It’s tricky to know how much local support we’ll receive for each new print but having said that, we feel that we’ve found a nice balance between stock levels and demand.  The last tokidoki print Space Place was extremely popular and we found it was a day or 2 before we were completely sold out.  We place a top up order of new release prints within 24 hours of the release date so if you do miss out on anything we can always order it in for you so that you don't miss out on it again.

Website Glitches

Since migrating Juicy Rainbow over to an entirely new platform we’re happy to say that it’s running as smooth as butter without any glitches!!!  (Phew & our fingers are crossed it stays that way!) Overselling is no longer an issue and the count down timer doesn't skip a beat so you’ll know exactly when stock is available to buy no matter what time zone you're in!


Juicy Rainbow has always shipped orders off on the same day we receive them!  Exceptions are orders placed after our post run in the afternoons, public holidays or weekends, although we’ll still post on a Saturday if we are heading past a Saturday trading Post Office.

We’ve been working on faster shipping carrier options however this is a never ending question mark.  We have given customers the option of choosing Australia Post or Fastway because in many cases Fastway is super speedy however this does tend to depend on the local franchise owner.  Australia Post can also take a while even when shipped via their Express service.  Unfortunately shipping carriers and their efficiency are factors out of our control BUT we are always working on finding solutions and are open to suggestions via email if you have any.  In the mean time we’ve capped Domestic shipping at $15 so in many cases we can ship your order express in an effort to get your order to you as soon as possible.

Returns & Faulty Items

Our Free Returns Policy is working really well and it’s here to stay!

Faulty Items are far and few between however if your item is received faulty Juicy Rainbow has always offered a refund if a replacement isn't available or you can choose a store credit.  For more details on Faulty Item return policies please read our Terms and Conditions.

Special Orders

YES of course we can special order something for you and we have always welcomed your requests.  While we are trying to keep everything in stock some items are snapped up so quickly that they sell out and then appear to be out of stock again. There can also be a lag between our orders arriving from overseas so the waiting can sometimes seem like forever!  If you're happy to wait instead of making a special order you can always click on the notify me button on a product page so that you receive a notification when it's available for purchase again.


While we’re here writing a novel we’d love to take the opportunity to thank all of our gorgeous customers who continue to support us.  Without you we wouldn't be able to grow our business and continue to offer you the best service and products that we can, not to mention a website full of all the bells and whistles for your enjoyable shopping experience.  We love the brands that we stock and we love that you love them too!  Next month will be two years since we launched this small business project that has developed into one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences far beyond what we imagined. We’re excited to see where we go from here and we hope that you will continue on this journey with us to colour your horizon xx


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Juicy Rainbow is awesome!

4 June 2016
Thanks so much for the update Jayme - you do an awesome job for your customers & will always have my support. Looking foward to Donutellas Sweet Shop. Love Kylie xx

So many questions answered thanks so much.

4 June 2016
Thanks for the great blog post, all the questions everyone has, answered in one place. We know you always do the best you can and some things are out of ur control. I'm super looking forward to this release, I know it's going to off. I'm also really grateful to have such a wonderful Australian stockist. Bring on the pretties

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