Ju-Ju-Be Dandy Lines

Author: Juicy Rainbow   Date Posted:26 April 2016 


Ju-Ju-Be Dandy Lines is the latest print to join their Classic Range of bags and accessories.  Launching tonight along side Ju-Ju-Be's new Onyx Collection, Dandy Lines will be available at Juicy Rainbow at 5pm AEST. 

Ju-Ju-Be Dandy Lines features a silver lining and a navy blue background with an earthy wood textured Dandy Lines print, reminiscent of sun drenched days picnicking with family and friends. 

What prints do we love to mix n match with Ju-Ju-Be Dandy Lines? The Navy background and Taupe anchors and Strips of The Admiral and The First Mate make for a perfect print combo. The Navy in Royal Envy, Cobolt Blossoms and even Moon Beam could also be complementary.  Keeping with the fresh feel of Dandy Lines we think Ju-Ju-Be's 10th anniversary print Perky Perennials is also a really pretty match and if you like the nautical look then add some Scarlet Petals for a splash of red. If you like the softer blues try pairing up Pixie Dust and let's not forget the latest Black Beauty in the new Onyx Collection, with the pale baby blue it's also a great match with Ju-Ju-Be Dandy Lines!





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