Ju-Ju-Be Celebrity Mums

Date Posted:18 October 2014 

Ju-Ju-Be Celebrity mums are everywhere!  Since the launch of Ju-Ju-Be in 2005 their Bags have been the nappy bag of choice for mums the world over.

Ju-Ju-Be's high quality construction, wash-ability, antibacterial fabric, fantastic organisation and gorgeous range of prints to suit any style have made them a favourite with Ju-Ju-Be Celebrity Mums!

Ju-Ju-Be Celebrity Mums have also fallen in love with the cute Ju-Ju-Be accessories to match their favourite nappy bag!

Ju-Ju-Be make a Paci Pod for keeping your little ones Pacifier handy and clean plus a reversible magnetic closure Be Neat bib. These wear and wash bib's wipe clean easily and are sure to keep your baby looking like the most stylish kid on the block just like Holly Madison's daughter 'Rainbow' pictured wearing the tokidoki x Ju-Ju-Be Animalini print.

There's also Stroller Clips in Ju-Ju-Be's baby range, Memory Form Change Pads & a Fuel Cell that's perfect for storing bottles or snacks! Mixing and matching colourful and stylish prints has never been more fun to spruce up every outing with your family!

If you'd like to Rock Ju-Ju-Be like Ju-Ju-Be Celebrity Mums, check our the full range of Ju-Ju-Be products in the Juicy Rainbow Store!
















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